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Agro Trade Group was established in Kosovo in 1991.

Cash flow management has been the center of our priorities. Our warehousecapacity account for 45.000 m2, strategically placed in three different regions in Kosovo. Currently our number of our employees is 120, all of whom have been adequately trained to comply with our companies’ requirements. Our product portfoli, carefully selected, is consisted of well established global and regional brands. We have always strived for exclusive, premium and innovative brands.

Vision & Strategy

With a strong community connection, well-established distribution infrastructure, and a reputation for professionalism and reliability, AgroTrade Group is a leader in beverage logistics and distribution throughout Kosovo.

As part of the community fabric, AgroTrade serves the people of Kosovo by offering high-quality international beverage brands through over 2,000 loyal partner outlets.

AgroTrade Group distinguishes itself for its seriousness, stability, professional management, and a specialized and committed staff… the motivation to work hard has emerged from top management, by offering equal opportunities and possibilities to everyone.

We want to become the leading distributor in Kosovo for the world’s famous brands for products of common usage.
In close cooperation with business partners, we want to create a sustainable and profitable distribution network.

Market Coverage

Agro Trade covers entire Kosovo market with regard to sales and distribution. The consumer supply is done through wholesale, ex-van sale and Horeca sale.

In order to be closer to the consumers as well as to increase its efficiency, Agro Trade has opened its business units in all regions in Kosovo.

Agro Trade streamlines its sales in two channels:
For further sale, and for immediate consumption. According to the last census of businesses in Kosovo, the total sales points are ~ 5000.

We have over 2000 sales points across Kosovo.
The delivery of goods is done in the shortest time frame possible.

Regular visits to the consumers as per the pre-defined routes, Positioning, promotions and disbursement of advertising materials (POS).

Our priority always is to upgrade service capacities and market coverage.

7679 Total Market Coverage

Our distribution network is strategically built to cover both the IC and FC channel of distribution

Our numeric nistribution accounts
for 85% of the Kosovo territory with
more than 7679 points of sales,
up by 5% from 2017

We are the leading beverage
distribution company in the
IC HO-RE-CA channel.

Our new CRM software enables
online management of orders
and delivery with 24h

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